Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance
Supervision in Acting and Reviewing

The company has defined all the directors, executives and staff to shall have the duty and responsibility to acknowledge, make understanding and comply with the polices stipulated in this code of conduct handbook strictly, non-compliance is voluntary, do not refuse on acknowledgement based on established guidelines.

Executives at all levels in the organization must be responsible and it is important to operate under the supervision of their employees to understand and follow the code of conduct handbook seriously.

Good governance principle for listed company in 2017

The board of directors has arranged the meeting to ensure understanding of the directors of the company on the duties to be performed and the improvement to comply with the new good governance principle effective 2018.

The Company does not wish to make any action that is illegal, contrary to the principles of good directors and employees who breach ethical requirements, disciplinary action will be strictly and if it is done, to believe that the laws, rules and regulations of government, the company will submit the matter to government official s to proceed immediately.

The code of conduct handbook shall be reviewed annually by the Board of Directors and the Audit and Corporate Governance committee